Welcome Fans!

    Ride to Ruin was formed in 2004 by high school friends, Matt Heltsley (Vocals) and Josh Norris (Guitar).  They reconnected one day when each of their mothers insisted that they attend Easter church service.  After talking about metal music for a little while, Matt and Josh ditched church and went back to Josh's parent's house to jam.  They began to discuss band members.  Luke (Drums) was a good friend of Matt's, and Josh had played in a band with his older brother.  Brendan Greer (Guitar) was Josh's God Brother and they had grown up playing together.  Matt and Brendan also remembered each other from some parties.  Ride to Ruin was born!  They went through a couple ideas for bassists, until Brendan remembered his friend from school, Josh Younker (Bass).  Now RTR was whole.  They played a number of shows and released a demo before a couple line - up changes brought in Justin Turner on guitar in place of Brendan and Josh Holbrook on bass in place of Josh Younker, both having gone to high school with Matt and Josh.  After a few years of touring, the band went their seperate ways musically, but remained friends.
    In 2015, Matt Heltsley was diagnosed with melanoma.  He fought savagely for a year, but eventually lost the fight.  The surviving original members have reformed Ride to Ruin knowing that Matt would want nothing more!  
    There are big plans in the near future for the band.  There will be a re-mastered release of the original demo with a brand new album fast on it's heels!