About the Band

Josh Norris - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Production

Josh started music the young age of four years old.  Violin was his first instrument.  He later played the saxophone in the school band.  Eventually, at 11, he started playing guitar and trying to sing a little.  The first thing he did after this was show his God-brother Brendan.  This inspired Brendan to pick up the guitar as well.  Together, they learned and progressed.  They were in several bands together, including a Metallica tribute band with Brendan on vocals and both playing guitar.  After this, Josh went on to play in multiple bands as either the guitarist or the vocalist.  This eventually brought him back to Brendan, and the two formed and original / cover metal band.  Shortly after, Josh ran into his high school friend, Matt at, of all places, church.  Both their mothers had talked them into going for Easter.  They started talking about metal and bands and decided to blow off church to go jam.  This was the beginning of Ride to Ruin!  Since then, Josh has honed his craft, learned production and even started teaching music lessons.  

Brendan Greer - Guitar, Vocals

Brendan began his musical career in school chorus.  He did this until he picked up the guitar, at Josh's prompting, at 11.  After learning together for several years, the two of them formed a Metallica tribute band.  From here, Brendan went on to play in a number of bands before joining Ride to Ruin.

Lucas (Lugie) Marcum - Drums

Lucas began playing drums after watching his older brother play.  He played in several bands before joining Ride to Ruin.

Former Members

Matthew (O.P.) Heltsley - Vocals

Josh (Younk) Younker - Bass

Alex Licano - Guitar

Justin Turner - Guitar

Josh Holbrook - Bass

Jeff Cherry - Bass